Lavender products


Difference between “true lavender” (lavande vraie) and “lavandin”:

Lavender is the original plant growing in altitude (above 1300 m)

The production is small compared to lavandin, hence its price higher.

Its fragrance is fine, very floral and subtil, and its use favored for selectived perfumery.

Lavandin is an hybrid of true lavender. It can grow at lower altitude (400 to 1300 m)

Its fragrance is greener and more camphorated. It is used in soap, household products and diffusion.

Both have relaxing and purifying properties but the true lavender has a finer fragrance.

True lavender essential oil

Lavender sachets

Handmade from organic  lavender flowers and high quality Provence fabric by traditional producers and artisans in the Alpes de Haute-Provence, these sachets of lavender will perfume and decorate wonderfully your housing environment.