Welcome to "La Boutique de Provence à Tokyo"

We offer high quality products from Provence, working directly with a network of French producers with whom we have a privileged and personal relationship.

Our products are available online,  in our show room at Chuo-ku, several market places in Tokyo and in French fairs (look at our events schedule).


Calisson d'Aix

This delicate candy, specialty of Aix-en Provence, consists of well-ground white almonds, melted with selected candied fruits and home-made fruit syrup, based on a thin sheet of wafer, and covered with a bright white icing. It has become over the centuries the gastronomic emblem of the famous city of Aix-en-Provence.

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An aromatic and gourmet cuisine:

French gastronomy is world famous for many reasons: long culinary history and tradition, many varieties of soils and climates that are parts of this chemistry.

of all the regions in France, Provence is special in many ways: its southeastern location, bordered by the Mediterranean sea and the Alps mountains... Read more...